A Stylish Subscription for Boys

Curated Trends Made for Play

Headquartered in Florida and inspired by a Mom of three boys, our goal at The Boy Box is to provide your child with stylish clothing and accessories. We understand it is difficult to find fantastic clothing geared towards boys and aim to make it easy and more affordable.


Designed by Moms, we source our own items exclusively for The Boy Box to not only be adorable but practical too. Our items are washed, worn and played in by our own children to ensure the highest quality and comfort. 


Save by choosing one of our stylish subscriptions! Since we manufacture our own clothing we can send you our product at wholesale. With are no extra mark ups, all the savings go directly to our awesome subscribers!


Toddler trouble? Target meltdown? Skip the store! Save the time and inconvenience of shopping so you can enjoy those precious moments with your little one instead.  We making subscribing a breeze and you can pause or cancel at anytime.